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ana bray destiny 2

November 28, 2020

Reaching out for assistance on any secure Vanguard communications, Ana's help would come in the form of the Guardian; having rendevous clearing a path through the Hive and the Red Legion that they can rendezvous at the entrance of the Braytech facility. [13], Ana routinely visited Camrin at Med-5, feeling guilt over bringing her into the search for Rasputin and believing that the data they had found was just another dead end. As they fought Ana thought about how she could convince Zavala that Rasputin could help the City and prevent slaughters like this battle and Six Fronts from happening again. Ana countered that she was in no condition to travel and kissed Camrin after she requested time to rest. As she finished connecting Rasputin the bunker, Ana transmatted out of the bunker and returned to Mars. After dispatching several Vandals with her Golden Gun and throwing knife, Ana turned to Zavala to continue their conversation from before, but Jinju warned her that a Captain was behind her. As their exchange began to lighten her mood, Ana questioned what had happened to Cayde's pet chicken, the Colonel. The bracelet was later recovered by a Guardian investigating a time ripple on behalf of the Future War Cult. Because her search for knowledge was deemed personal, she and Commander Zavala would often argue about her quest, since Guardians learning about their past is a taboo. She rushed over to help her and asked if there was anything she could get for Camrin. Ana protested that it was not ready and that it could drive Rasputin insane, but Jinju's tethers began snapping and she noted it was either this or nothing. Rather than provide him with rigid programming that could only solve specific problems, she provided access to works of humanities—including literature, philosophy, and music—in order to develop nuance in his language, morality, and emotion. [23] As she stood in horror within the darkened room, Ana was assailed by doubt and terror at how easily the Pyramids had defeated Rasputin and could not even answer Zavala as he worriedly asked what had happened over the comms. She was mentored in how to be a Hunter by Andal Brask, although Ana was annoyed by his tendency to tell people that their fellow Hunter Cayde-6 was actually Rasputin. After you've progressed enough, fast-travel to the Braytech Futurescape landing zone, the northernmost of the two on Mars. Ana Bray is a vendor in Destiny 2 who offers daily bounties to players, as well as reputation in exchange for Seraphite. With Rasputin launching his countermeasure, the countless warsats destroy the Almighty, sending whats left the vessel crashing into the mountains outside the Last City. As Jinju worked to extract the information Ana and Camrin held off the Vex, although the terminal was damaged during the fight. That's all you need to know about where to find Ana Bray's location in Destiny 2. Though she defended the City with the same valor as her comrades, she never felt that the City was her home. She questioned if he would forgive her if she was, and he smiled when stated that killing Cayde would be understandable. [6] Ana was placed in a Fireteam under the command of Lord Shaxx for the battle alongside Liu Feng, Nkechi-32, Idil Abdi, and Truce. She appears as a major supporting character in the Destiny 2 Warmind expansion as she attempts to uncover the mystery behind Rasputin and the polar ice caps of Mars. Once inside, go up the stairs and you'll have reached Ana Bray's location. Assassin's Creed Valhalla Statue With 3 Slits - Where to Find the Daughters of Lerion. When finding evidence of her connection to Clovis Bray, Ana grew more and more curious on the nature of her past, to the point where she was willing to defy orders and fake her death. After finding a clue on Venus that directed them to a facility in the Meridian Bay, they fought through the Vex to the terminal which contained the information they needed. As the Commander poured them drinks in his office, Ana dejectedly stated that she could not believe they had lost. Prior to her first death, she was a psycholinguist who helped develop the Warmind Rasputin by teaching it independent thought. With the Hive eliminated, Ana works on connecting the bunker to Rasputin as the Guardian stood watch. The data the Guardian collected worried Ana, as it pointed to the Shadows of Calus being involved in the theft. Luckily, our guide is here to help you find the NPC. Now, Ana Bray has returned in Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy to help Guardians stop the Almighty from plummeting to the Tower and destroying it. She was present at the Battle of Twilight Gap where she wore a cloak with the same pattern as Strength of the Pack.

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