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babicz bridge installation

November 28, 2020

Some bridges, particularly for Fender basses, may offer a retrofit option that will use the existing screw holes for mounting the bridge. The "eCAM" saddle design means unwanted spaces between the bottom of the saddle and the top of the bridge plate are eliminated. Designed as a direct replacement for basses employing a Fender-style 5-screw bridge assembly, the Babicz FCH Bass Bridge - available in a choice of finishes, in both 4 and 5 string configurations - is supplied complete with all necessary mounting hardware and is a breeze to install and set-up. It was very straightforward - all I had to do was remove the strings, unbolt the old bridge, and install the new one. Hipshot bridges offer the widest variety on string spacing options with both A and B style’s to choose from for 4, 5, and 6-String basses. Babicz 4 String 3-Point Bridge in Chrome, Black, or Gold The patented Babicz FCH 3-Point four string bass bridge is a direct drop-in replacement upgrade for a standard Gibson 3-Point bass bridge. Hipshot and Babicz both offer bridges to suit Fender bass retrofits. Buy Babicz FCH-4 Bass bridge, upgrade bridge for Fender P and J Basses The Babicz "Full Contact Hardware" replacement system for "Telecaster" style guitars offers unmatched stability, increased sustain, dramatically improved fullness and tone along with complete adjustability. I've been frustrated with the lack of stability in my stock jazz bass bridge so I decided to upgrade to a Babicz full contact hardware bridge. Well, here it is November 2013, and I just bought a Babicz FCH Tele bridge in gold, and Immediately when I lined the bridge up and measured my scale I could tell the stock setup was too long, and that was with the pickup pushed forward against the cavity.

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