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best problem solving techniques

November 28, 2020

White hat. To continue with our theme of problem solving techniques with a nautical theme, Speed Boat is a short and sweet activity that can help a team quickly identify what employees, clients or service users might have a problem with and analyze what might be standing in the way of achieving a solution. Every member of your brainstorming session should write down all of their ideas, either on a board or on sticky notes. Problem solving strategies can live and die on whether people are onboard. #gamestorming #problem solving #action. A key stage for any problem solving model is to ensure that you are first solving the right problem and have clarified it through the problem identification and problem analysis stages of the process. That said, the first solution is not necessarily the best, and by including a further review and reflection activity into your problem solving model, you can ensure your group reaches the best possible result. Progressing in stages makes this practical—from collecting facts about What Happened to making sense of these facts with So What and finally to what actions logically follow with Now What. But how do you help a group go from ideation to putting a solution into action? Asking questions is a part of the pre-problem-solving stage. By introducing a structured parallel thinking process, it helps people to be more focused and mindfully involved in a discussion. Checking-in/out invites each member in a group to be present, seen and heard, and to express a reflection or a feeling. At the end of a successful problem solving process, the group will have identified and analyzed problems, generated solutions to those problems, and come to a decision of what problem solving strategy to implement. With Who/What/When matrix, you can connect people with clear actions they have defined and have committed to. Start with the problem at hand and ask why it happened, making sure that your answer is objective. From managing tasks to managing people, we don’t like feeling stuck, in work, or outside of it. The gist of it is to generate as many ideas as you can and in the process, come up with a way to remove a problem. You can catch him on LinkedIn. Once you have a list of problems that need to be solved and have organized them accordingly, you’re then well-positioned for the next problem solving steps. That is just a small taste of the many careers that require problem-solving skills, in all truth, every job requires some type of problem-solving. Many problem solving techniques involve the creation of documents or shared resources – be sure to keep and share these so everyone can benefit from the work done. Once you know you are approaching the right problem, you can begin to identify the right solution. Response Cards #debriefing #closing #structured sharing #questions and answers #thiagi #action. Moreover, if a problem happens at work, it will also give us information on things we need to fix. Want to solve problems like the big boys at Chrysler, Ford and General Motors? Working from remote workplaces or from home is often touted as the future of work. A fast and loud method to enhance brainstorming within a team. This is a feedback round in just one breath that excels in maintaining attention: each participants is able to speak during just one breath … for most people that’s around 20 to 25 seconds … unless of course you’ve been a deep sea diver in which case you’ll be able to do it for longer. You get the feeling that it’s more important to be active and loud than have a great idea. After some discussion, go back to question mode by responding to the generated answers or other points on the board. His Calm Room is actually a bathroom filled with 24-karat gold. One of the most useful problem solving skills you can teach your team is of approaching challenges with creativity, flexibility, and openness. When we are stressed out, we make one critical mistake – we resort to something called binary problem-solving. Here’s the most effective solution I’ve found: Replace all open, unstructured discussion with a clear process. Remember that the problem solving process is iterative. By beginning with the creation of a problem statement and going through five stages to refine it into a root cause problem statement, The 5 Whys provides everything you need to guide a group through a root cause analysis with ease. Do they have any non-work-related problems in their life? Warm-up games like Draw a Tree are great in that they quickly demonstrate some key problem solving skills in an accessible and effective way. If your team members sit and listen and hope that someone else will fix things for them, you need to try out the Round-Robin problem-solving technique. when it can be solved reliably with practices that are easy to duplicate. DADs make it possible to achieve frontline ownership of solutions. When you ask questions, your brain can come up with different scenarios and ways to make a decision. Your feedback matters. If you find that one approach isn’t yielding results and your team isn’t finding creative solutions, try mixing it up. At a minimum, these will create momentum, and that may make a BIG difference. No problem and solution is free from existing bias and by changing perspectives with Flip It, you can then develop a problem solving model quickly and effectively. The shared progression eliminates most of the misunderstandings that otherwise fuel disagreements about what to do. Particularly useful with work problems that may require a larger organizational solution, definitely give Fishbone Analysis a go if you want to improve problem solving skills in your team which can lead to effective business change. Amazing people like Eleanor Roosevelt, Steve Jobs, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., are all great problems solvers. Using this technique, you can wear six different hats with six different perspectives. They feel like they need to come up with an answer immediately, they look for someone to blame and they want a quick and easy exit. Remember that not all problems are the same, and organizations of different sizes, business stages and industries require different problem solving techniques. You give everyone an opportunity to provide feedback on what they’ve done but only in the space of a single breath. We are making money, for goodness’ sake! . That said, there are some problem solving strategies and approaches that work best as root cause analysis tools and can be used as a root cause analysis template.

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