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caesium hydroxide monohydrate

November 28, 2020

It is a water soluble cesium … Cas:35103-79-8 Cesium Hydroxide Price , Find Complete Details about Cas:35103-79-8 Cesium Hydroxide Price,Cesium Hydroxide,Cesium Hydroxide 35103-79-8,Cesium Hydroxide Price from Alkali … Buy Cesium hydroxide monohydrate (CAS 35103-79-8), a biochemical for proteomics research, from Santa Cruz. Cesium hydroxide monohydrate is also referred to as Cesium hydrate. Caesium hydroxide or cesium hydroxide (CsOH) is a chemical compound consisting of caesium ions and hydroxide ions. Cesium hydroxide monohydrate: CsOH • H 2 O. CAS №: 12260-45-6. Packaging: in poly bottles-----Shipping: We ship worldwide … Reactive Qualification: pure. It is a whitish-yellow deliquescent crystalline solid. Causes severe skin burns and eye damage. Molecular Formula: CsOH•H2O, MW: 167.93 It is a strong base (pK b =-1.76), much like the other alkali metal hydroxides such as sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide. Cesium hydroxide monohydrate is an inorganic salt and can be used as a strong base. It’s the raw material of cesium products, organic reagent, and medical intermediate. It is also used as a raw materials for manufacturing various cesium … Suspected of damaging fertility or … Cesium hydroxide monohydrate, 99.5%: Show More Show Less: Safety and Handling GHS H Statement Harmful if swallowed. Cesium Hydroxide Monohydrate is a water soluble Cesium … Cesium Hydroxide, or Caesium Hydroxide, is a highly reactive compound that is very hygroscopic. Description of Cesium Hydroxide Monohydrate. Molecular mass: 167,92. Cesium hydroxide monohydrate can be used as a strong electrolyte for the battery and it also can be used as polymerization catalyst. Main substance: >99%. In fact, caesium hydroxide … Cesium Hydroxide Monohydrate is a water soluble Cesium source for use in oxygen-sensitive applications, such as metal production.Hydroxide, the OH-anion composed of an oxygen atom bonded to a hydrogen atom, is commonly present in nature and is one of the most widely studied molecules in physical chemistry. Hydroxide … Description:Name: Cesium hydroxide monohydrate Synonyms: - CAS Registry number: 35103-79-8 EINECS:244-344-1 Molecular Formula: CsOH?H2O Boiling Point: 100°Cat760mmHg Flash Point: °C … Information for Cesium hydroxide monohydrate 35103-79-8 including Cesium hydroxide monohydrate CAS NO 35103-79-8, Cesium hydroxide monohydrate Suppliers, Cesium hydroxide monohydrate Manufacturers, related products of Cesium hydroxide monohydrate.

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