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clara barton contributions

November 28, 2020

Her sister, Dorothy, taught her, Richard Danner It has established itself as the most well known emergency relief organization devoted to the care of war victims, disaster victims, and the suffering world wide. Her name is synonymous with the American Red Cross, but she played a very important role in caring for the sick and wounded in the Civil War as well. 1440 Words 6 Pages. Sh… Her most acknowledged work was an autobiography titled “The Story of My Childhood,” which was published in 1907. Clara Barton was born on December 25, 1821, and was raised in North Oxford, Massachusetts. Her father, Captain Stephen Barton, was a farmer, horse breeder, and respected member of the community. Clara Barton took things a step further than most women by going directly to the battlefields to help wounded soldiers, something only a few women were able to do. Introduction Clara Barton is not only an example of women/ Americans at their finest, but she also can and should be revered as a national hero. Clara Barton’s biggest accomplishment is creating and establishing the Red Cross. The ARC’s mission is to prevent, Synthesis Essay – Clara Barton Bartons family directed their painfully shy daughter to become a teacher upon the recommendation of renowned phrenologist L.N. The American Red Cross has been there for America since 1881 when Clara Barton formed the organization to assist people in America that were in need of aid in the time of crisis. Battlefield,” and known for being the American Red Cross founder This was something that cam naturally to her and she quickly determined that providing aid to others was her calling. Founder of the American Red Cross. Whether working tirelessly behind the scenes to procure supplies, prepare meals and arrange makeshift hospitals or tending the wounded during some of the goriest battles in American history, she earned the respect of countless soldiers, officers, surgeons and politicians. service, Clara achieved honor as a teacher, battlefield nurse, lecturer, and As a teenager, Barton helped care for her seriously ill brother Davidher first experience as a nurse. There have even been those that have overcome more obstacles to do so. There was an infantry that was attacked in the area and Burton did not waste any time providing aid. When you look back on the accomplishments of people throughout history, some have made more of an impact than others. Clara Barton took up the call by helping save thousands of lives through nursing and providing supplies during the Civil War while also introducing one of America’s first responding, Clara Barton No list of famous nurses would be complete without including Clara Barton. American Red Cross is the largest, The American Red Cross (ARC) Statement Of Facts Was Clara Barton a teacher? People can attain community services hours through the American Red Cross as well as benefit from the health and safety programs offered each year. Clara Barton was famous for being the founder of the American Red Cross organization. Clara Barton was born in Massachusetts, on December 25, 1821. Here are some of the major accomplishments of Clara Burton: When the Civil War took place in 1861, Burton was working in Washington DC at the time.      Barton was the youngest of five children, and her two brothers and two sisters assumed much of the responsibility for her education. She was a nurse on the battlefield, providing care to soldiers. By Cole Summers. Fondly referred to as the "angel of the battlefield" (The Encyclopedia Britannica Online), Clara Barton served as one of the greatest humanitarians this country has ever known. Clara Barton was most definitely a teacher. Clara’s other books are about her experiences during combat. Clara was the most decorated women in America. Her efforts in the Civil War are well remembered and well documented. In one year they have responded to 700,000 disasters around the world, provided 1.8 million meals, 45% of the nation’s blood supply and inspired 17,000 volunteers. She dedicated her life to those that were in need and those that needed a helping hand along the way. The ARC is a humanitarian organization that is dependent on the contributions of time, blood, and money from the American public to support its multiple lifesaving services and programs.      Clarissa Harlowe Barton was born December 25, 1821, in North Oxford, Massachusetts. Persistent beyond belief, Clara employed her remarkable interpersonal skills to teach unruly school children, to collect supplies to send to the battlefront, and to struggle to form the American Red Cross. After building her own public school in New Jersey, her community decided to build another school. The community hired a man and paid him twice her salary. When she started the Red Cross is was not the same organization that it is today, but she was the one that built it up to what it has become over the years. "Clara Barton's 1898 battles in Cuba: a reexamination of her nursing contributions."

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