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heritage audio compressor

November 28, 2020

Buy New. ... Heritage Audio Successor Stereo Bus Compressor … Sell One Like This; Listings Price Guide. This compressor is amazing!! Having missed the boat in regards to them being reasonably attainable, the Heritage … Reviews. As with the other products in their Elite Series, the HA-609A takes advantage of the latest in manufacturing technology to offer an unprecedented value without compromising audio quality — all built at the Heritage … Follow this Product. As with the other products in the Heritage Audio … The Heritage Audio Successor brings all these and then more: A fully Carnhill transformer coupled input and output unit, the new Successor is a true stereo diode-bridge based bus compressor with advanced sidechain filtering and built-in parallel processing capabilities, sharing the class A '73-type output stage that Heritage Audio … Compressors and Limiters. Got it back in September and have loved it. The Heritage Audio HA-609A Compressor is a modern take on the classic transformer coupled diode bridge compressor/limiter design, with several improvements brought in to accommodate the modern workflow. Is in brand new condition and hasn't left my home … Heritage Audio Successor Stereo Bus Compressor. The Heritage Audio HA-609A is a modern, improved take on the classic tracking/mixing diode bridge compressor. Outboard Gear. Only selling since I'm looking to buy some new gear. Admission: I was first drawn to Heritage Audio's new Successor stereo compressor because at first glance everything about it screams "Neve" – metal knobbed 33609 and 32264a models are among my favorite compressors. Pro Audio. Heritage Audio.

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