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November 28, 2020

It is also vital to take extra care with treating the fresh water before introduced into the tank. They will become full grown and sexually mature when they reach 7-8 months. Another fish to avoid is any fish that is highly territorial as they will bully and intimidate Tetra. Large fish need to be avoided as Tetra are small slender fish that are easily be eaten by those with large mouths. Beginners will feel very comfortable with Cardinal Tetra. Their clear bodies have been catching the attention [Continue reading …]. This means any new vegetation or decorations that are to be introduced will need to be quarantined and properly cleaned before being placed. Cardinal Tetra Care The Cardinal Tetra makes a great starter fish because of how easy they are to take care of. The young will be photosensitive once hatched, so gradually raise the light intensity back to normal conditions. Not only do parameters need to remain stable, but the aquarium should be kept clean. Staying alert and attentive to the fish will make it easier to spot the signs of Neon Tetra Disease before it infects the whole tank. Regular weekly water changes of around 25% of the tank are required to keep the ecosystem ideal, anymore than that can cause problems with the water chemistry and lead to illness. The deadliest illness they can contract is ‘Neon Tetra Disease’. Red Arowana Care Guide: A Fishkeeper’s Crown Jewel? The first step is making sure the tank is at excellent health and in superb condition. You should also wipe down excess algae before it can cause issues. As long as you put in the effort to provide their tank with optimal conditions, keeping these fish can be immensely satisfying. The bigger the shoal, the happier they will be. But if paired with live plants, Cardinal Tetras will normally adapt to the specific lighting requirements of the live plants as long as it’s not too bright. Whilst red and blue is the most popular color, you can find them in golds and silvers (these are much less common). They stick to their own shoals and will generally ignore anything else in the tank. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It usually enters the tank when adding un-quarantined fish or feeding with infected live foods. Robert Woods is the creator of FishKeeping World, a third generation fish keeper and a graduate in animal welfare and behavior. Cardinal Tetras are being bred more and more, they are now a common sight in community fish tanks. Another name they occasionally go by is the Red Neon Tetra, so keep an eye out when looking for them in local aquarium stores. We will cover all of this and much more in this article…, Read Article: Complete Kissing Gourami Care Guide: A Tropical Fish Like No Other. They will need to be fed twice daily so they do not starve, a few drops of liquid diet will be enough. Regular water changes prevent the buildup of pollutants. A nutritional diet is also important for getting your fish ready to mate. Pinpointing when this specific fish started being kept in home aquariums is difficult though. More importantly, water chemistry should be secure. These fish require a pH 6 and the water hardness should be no higher than 4. The filter outlet will create enough water movement and most standard aquarium lights are fine. Welcome to Fishkeeping World. You do not usually need to sex this species since they are kept in large groups, so you will likely have a good mix of males and females. In a clean tank, they can live for up to five years. Suitable tank mates for the Cardinal Tetra will be other small, peaceful minded fish such as other kinds of Tetra, Ghost Shrimp, Zebra Danio and Guppies. Cardinal Tetra Habitat and Tank Requirements. This devastating illness is incurable and will spread rapidly. Cardinal Tetras are relatively easy to take care of as long as the tank is pre-established and mature before the fish get introduced. The best pH is below 6, and the hardness shouldn’t be above 4 dGH. This continent is home to many species of Tetra, though some are found in Africa and Central America. One disease to look out for in your tank is Neon Tetra Disease, which affects many species of Tetra. Remove tiny amounts of water from each change and replace it with water of the same chemistry and temperature. They will then release the sperm and eggs. It is simple to care Cardinal Tetra like Neon Tetra & you can keep them with other non-aggressive species in aquarium. There are far fewer nutrients in dried foods compared to live or frozen foods. It closely resembles the neon tetra, and is often mistaken for this more common fish. Dried foods are the easiest to get your hands on. It is caused by a parasite and leads to symptoms such as a loss of color, cysts, a curved spinal and secondary infections. The pleasant news is they are tough and even when an infection gets introduced to the tank, it’s easy to isolate sick fish and assume the others have not caught it yet.

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