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how to start a webinar presentation

November 28, 2020

Want to see a live demo? Here are a few questions you should ask yourself when selecting a webinar tool to invest in: Before selecting a webinar service, you should think about objectives of the webinar. GoToWebinar captures your screen, audio and webcams. This will ensure that everything goes smoothly even if you experience any technical difficulties with your primary computer system. 3. Here’s how I suggest you promote it: You should keep in mind that not all your audience members will be from the same location. Consider these and make adjustments to ensure that your future webinars are even more successful. To record a webinar with GoToWebinar, simply hit the. We'll be in touch within 24 hours. Have an introductory slide with information like the time of commencement and points to be discussed in the webinar. Create a dedicated and original hashtag to publicize the event. With a medium or small scale audience, however, you can easily go ahead with a premium edition. Check out our help center for answers to common questions. Consider a conference room or any other place which will be free from background noise and interruptions. Choosing the right equipment and space will not only improve the webinar quality but also ensure a great experience for your audience. Learn How to Schedule a Video Meeting. That said, many effective webinars can be held using existing computer or laptop hardware. I recommend that you use the tools and websites in real time during the webinar so that you can have a better impact on the audience. Your source for industry insights, product updates, and webinar best practices. Find our more about pricing and plans on. If you used Google Hangouts, the learning curve for Google Meet won’t be very steep. On the day of the event, make sure to send emails with the direct link to your webinar. If it’s the other way around, keep searching until you find a better one. This post was originally written by Shane Barker in 2018 and updated by Megan Leap in 2020. To start your webinar journey, begin by running free workshops with the sole purpose of providing value. Publish your webinars to GoToStage to expand your reach with new audiences. After this, have a slide showcasing a synopsis of the topics that will be covered in the webinar. In fact, the best webinars should feel more similar to the face-to-face experience, you should require presenters to use their web cam while presenting. Highlight what you want people to look at on the slides. Make sure to send a follow-up email along with a recording of the webinar to the people who signed up for the webinar but were unable to attend it. Assign individuals activities that need to be monitored during the webinar such as polls, Q&As, group chats, etc. You have just found your topic for your upcoming webinar. View all of the great features that GoToWebinar has to offer. Start by creating a landing page which introduces the webinar topic, the speaker(s), features the date and time, and a call-to-action for people to sign up to attend the event. If your topic does not interest your potential audience, it is going to be really difficult for you to lure them into attending your webinar. In order to make sure your webinar gets maximum participation, it’s crucial that you promote it as much as possible beforehand. Showcase your products and business through online events where you can easily engage your audience and drum up interest. Convince & Convert, LLC Global HQ 885 S. College Mall Road, #376 Bloomington, IN 47401, Content Marketing Consulting and Social Media Strategy, How ​to​ ​Create a​ ​Webinar from Scratch in 10 Simple Steps. They can also be used to showcase your company’s culture and how it will matter to your new recruits. Create custom email invitations, confirmations and reminders – or let GoToWebinar handle it with automated email templates. Lastly, if you want to learn how to start a webinar, don’t forget, we also offer a free webinar course as well. But we’ve used many solutions in the past, including GoToWebinar, BigMarker, Adobe Connect, WebEx, ClickMeeting and more. Reviewing the final registration based on details such as names of attendees, their respective industries, etc. It is important that you select the right date and time for your webinar event. I always make sure to practice for a webinar several days before I go live to ensure everything goes smoothly. I find it best to consider the target audience when considering the cost. In order to hold an effective webinar, you’ll want the following equipment: GoToWebinar is an easy-to-use solution that enables businesses and sole proprietors to easily host webinars. Send them an email thanking them along with a survey asking them to share their feedback and rate their experience, plus a call to action for future webinars. While there are no specifications for how long a webinar should be, most webinars are around 30 minutes to one hour long. Get to Grips with Google Meet. There is no perfect solution (we are happy to help you navigate the pros and cons of each — just let us know). You can start by including webinars in your onboarding materials or conduct a webinar-esque orientation where you outline your company’s expectations, vision, mission and address questions your new hires might have. If webinars are used for training purposes, they may last longer than an hour. Since webinars are usually an hour long, you can either choose to vaguely talk about many topics or speak about a single topic and dive deep into it. The best webinars include time to interact with attendees via surveys or a question and answer session. Create up to 20 polls before the session or on the fly. You can also send surveys to your potential attendees asking them for the most convenient times for them to attend the webinar. Display your company logo and upload a custom image on all webinar materials to reinforce and promote your business brand. Great webinars are well planned, organized and executed by a closely knit team. This hashtag will benefit you at the time of the event, as you will be using it to interact with the attendees. A device that can connect to the internet. Send multiple reminders emails showcasing the countdown to your event. In my 12+ years of experience in B2B marketing and sales, no other type of content has been able to move the needle in the sales process as much a webinar can. Use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to spread the word. It’s a great, no-frills way to create a pre-recorded presentation. This will help you gain valuable insights to further improve your webinars. You can use Google Analytics to locate the regions of the world where most of my online traffic comes from. Technology is great, but not perfect. They’re also a valuable source of feedback and audience insights. Record your webinar and use it afterward as a gated asset to drive additional leads. Content Director here at Convince & Convert. That’s why I always recommend that you get very specific when selecting a topic for your webinar. The cost of a webinar is minimal. If your target audience is in New York, and you are located in Los Angeles, starting a webinar at 3:00 p.m. Pacific Time may not be a good choice, as it will be late for the attendees living in New York. Create a banner or display an advertisement on your website’s homepage to make visitors aware of the upcoming event.

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