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lettuce mix bag

November 28, 2020

For a bold combination of your favorite lettuces, try this 5-Lettuce Mix. Browse our suite of goods in Lettuce & Salad Mixes! Venting allows circulation of air to keep the lettuce fresh longer than convntional non-vented … 11 varieties available. Product Description. Spring Mix enhances baby romaine and oak leaf lettuces with the pleasant bitterness of endive and chicory. Pick the outer leaves and give the lettuce enough time to regrow. Lettuce plants will start to bolt during the long hot summer days. If you want to learn more about growing lettuce … True salad lovers revel in Spring Mix… Hy-Vee Shredded Lettuce Salad Mix. You can reuse the bag several times before replacing it! Log In to Add to Cart. Just remove them from the bags, mix in more fertilizer and plant new ones. The textures and tastes are perfect for those who love variety, color and great taste. 8 oz Bag. Hy-Vee Romaine Lettuce Hearts. Bag. 4 varieties available. 3 ct Bag. ... Dole Spring Mix, Bag, 5 oz. Log In to Add to Cart. Dole Chopped Salad Kit Sunflower Crunch 13.6 oz. 13.2 oz Bag… Produce vendors and supermarkets will love these high quality vented, Coextruded PP Lettuce Bags. What’s inside: Green Leaf Lettuce, Red Leaf Lettuce, Butter Lettuce , Romaine Lettuce …

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