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November 28, 2020

170 / 2,300g left. A blend of organic Açaí and Guaraná. Born of the Amazon. You can grab these at several grocery stores or purchase them here! Organic. Non GMO Project verified. sambazon strawberry-lemon-acai nutrition facts and nutritional information. Discover Acai: The Amazon Superfood: The acai berry is wild harvested from palm trees along the riverbanks of the Brazilian amazon rainforest. In this case, I used the Açaí Berry + Protein + Strawberry flavor and it was sooooooo good! Organic. A rare synergy of Omegas 3, 6 and 9 (healthy fats). 12 g protein per serving. Sign Up. 12 g vegan protein with healthy omegas and antioxidants. Serving Size : 110 g. 90 Cal. Acai berry + protein + strawberry. USDA organic. I’m loving that they’re organic, loaded with protein, and filled with antioxidants and omegas. Non GMO Project verified. Sambazon - Acai Berry + Protein +strawberry. Our most popular blend for delicious Rio-style bowls, smoothies, or enjoy as a frozen popsicle. Power up with protein smoothies & bowls. About Food Exercise Apps Community Blog Shop Premium. Power up with protein smoothies & bowls. Vegan. Acai berry + strawberry + protein. Acai berry + protein + strawberry. 54 % 12g Protein. Vegan & gluten free. Acai is a delicious purple berry that grows on the banks of the Amazon. Fat 66g. Healthy antioxidants and omegas (Antioxidant Vitamin A from beta carotene 2% RDV and 2497mg Omegas 3,6,9 per serving) Also available in a 12-Pack (Only at Costco), and an 8-Pack (Only at BJs). Known for its energizing and healthy properties. Vegan. 90 / 2,000 cal left. USDA Organic. 10 % 1g Fat. 1 / 67g left. Log Food. It’s Ana’s favorite! 36 % 8g Carbs. 10 g plant based protein (This product has 629 mg omegas 3,6,9 per serving). USDA organic. 12 g vegan protein with healthy omegas and antioxidants. Sodium 2,130g. Twice the antioxidants of blueberries and 10 times the amount found in red wine. Calorie Goal 1,910 cal. How does this food fit into your daily goals? Daily Goals. Acai is a delicious purple berry that grows on the banks of the Amazon. Nutrition Facts for Sambazon Acai Berry + Protein + Strawberry Superfruit Packs (1 pack): Total Fat: 1.5 g; Omega 3: 5 mg, Omega 6: 95 mg, Omega 9: 455 mg; Cholesterol: 0 mg; Sodium: 179 mg; Potassium: 85 mg; Total Carbohydrates: 8 g; Dietary Fiber: 1 g; Sugars: 5 g; Protein: 12 g; Love how Sambazon upcycled the acai seeds here and made a necklace! Certified Organic by QAI. Find calories, carbs, and nutritional contents for sambazon strawberry-lemon-acai and over 2,000,000 other foods at MyFitnessPal.com. Nutritional Info. Born of the Amazon. nongmoproject.org. Non GMO. Gluten-free. Vegan & gluten free. Amazon Powerfruit - Sambazon Acai (ah-sigh-ee): A dark purple berry that grows on palm trees lining the Amazon River. My absolute fave acai packs for smoothies and smoothie bowls are the Sambazon Açaí Performance Protein Superfruit Packs. Vegan & gluten free. Fitness Goals : Heart Healthy. 100 strawberry + lemon + acai berry. Gluten-free. Each pouch contains a mix of acai + protein + strawberry flavors and gives you 1.4 servings of fruits & veggies, no sugar added, an excellent source of vitamin A and a good source of fiber. 12 g protein per serving. nongmoproject.org. Tastes like rich berries with a hint of chocolate. Performance protein. Now, for this particular bowl, I’m using Sambazan Açaí Performance Protein Superfruit Packs, which are pre-portioned and come in this easy to use pouches. Cholesterol 300g--/ 300g left. Log In.

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