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rode k2 vs u87

November 28, 2020

You may find that the Rode NT1A (left) sounds as good as a Neumann U87 on your voice. So, which one is better? I’ll be comparing this mic to my Neumann U87 Ai. As a vocal mic, the K2 sounds very classy indeed, and it has been deliberately engineered to be reminiscent of classic studio mics. Inside the case you will find a dedicated low noise mic cable, with seven pins (as opposed to normal 3 pin XLR mic leads) that transfers all the data and power smoothly and silently from the K2 … I've done quite a few multi-microphone shoot-outs for … This version of the U87 was first introduced in 1986 with updated circuitry to allow for more headroom. The U87 … But it may not, so it's important that you try before you buy. Neumann U67 and Neumann U87 come from the same family of condenser microphones. They may look quite similar, and they indeed share a number of similar features such as the switchable polar pattern, pre-attenuation pad, and high-pass filter. Instead, what I found inside was an abundance of bits, pieces and add-ons that come standard with a Rode K2 Mic. Despite the similarities, there are a few distinctive features between Neumann U67 vs U87 … The brilliant Rode K2 and Rode NTK mics have gained admirers for their … Both the WA-87 and U87 Ai feature a dual-backplate dual-diaphragm capsule. It is, however, rather quieter than some of these tube classics, and probably a lot cheaper to service given that the tubes used in the Rode … Launched in 2016, this mic’s circuit design is based on the classic U87 from 1967.

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