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ruach hakodesh female

November 28, 2020

Women of faith rise up! 49:1-8 and Is. You pose a very good question. "And when He comes, He will guide you into all Truth" San Dom de Nanta van san Nantess estanto? In German and most other languages, a masculine, feminine or neutral article is used that assigns a "gender" to your subject, even though there is no rhyme or reasoning for it: There is no rhyme or reason why inanimate objects are "masculine or feminine" - it's just how the language evolved. So it is that Jael was the one who took out the enemy general, she is not a warrior in the natural sense but is a mighty warrior in the Holy Spirit. I have seen your quiet faithfulness, do not feel insignificant or consider yourself of little importance in My Kingdom, for I have called you and equipped you with My Spirit. T male and female He created them. But there's got to be a better way to address this that bears equality that is based on the authority of the Word of YHWH, which is what was being addressed in Feminine Attributes appendix in the Aramaic English New Testament. Eating the clean vegetation and drinking pure water speaks of feeding of God’s word,  drinking of the Spirit, living a holy consecrated and prayerful life. In het OT vinden we ruach het meest bij de profeten Jesaja en Ezechiël (elk ca. You are called as workers to bring in my harvest. Likewise in Hebrew thought, Ruach Ha Kodesh was considered a voice sent from on high to speak to the Prophet. ... male and female created he them" (Genesis 1:27) Thus indicating that both genders exist in the Godhead. 14. The Ruach HaKodesh: Him Or Her? Also Is. 380 x voor. Now the Hebrew word RUACH (Aramaic RUCHA) is gramatically feminine as is the phrase Ruach haKodesh. Same with the various aspects of YHWH, the Holy Spirit, Yeshua, and the "genders" involved. Y'shua said there will be no male or female in the Olam Haba (World to Come); we will be spirit beings so it does not work to personify the Spirit as a She. Living in the high places speaks of living continually in God’s presence. A mountain goat is unlike other goats. If the Spirit was feminine/female, in constrast with the SON and the FATHER, the issue of giving birth would be even more fascianting.. Even more so that a ‘simple housewife’ would kill the great enemy general. [This picture of a mountain goat taken by Kym at Ein Gedi, Israel] Lift up your eyes and see the victories I will bring. Languages are complicated and one must never jump to conclusions about the meanings of certain words or concepts. So, it seems that we are far better off to identify with YHWH's attributes within ourselves as per their Hebrew given gender as they are revealed because this is the nature of the Spirit of Mashiyach. You will see strongholds fall and people set free by My hand through your service. God uses the seemingly weak as His mighty warriors. What I really mean: I want a wife who is totally willing to drive a tent spike into a tyrant’s head should the opportunity arise! This is matched by the rôle of the Ruach haKodesh as "comforter" (Jn.14-16) and the identifier of the "comforter" with YHWH acting as a "mother" (Is.66:13). In the book of Judges chapter 4 we find Deborah was judge (and prophetess) over all of Israel (think in terms of her being a President or Prime Minister). In the book of Judges chapter 4 we find Deborah was judge (and prophetess) over all of Israel (think in terms of her being a President or Prime Minister). (We know they performed human sacrifices, self-mutilations and other horrific things). As Jael’s husband (Heber) was away fighting on side with Israel, taking a strange man into her tent was risking her honourable reputation. It is important to note that the Canaanites were very evil and had been oppressing Israel for some years. But that being said, it's understandable that the feminine movement is fed up with a male God and men who think they are gods because they are men. Is the Ruach a force only? The curses upon man and woman are such that the curse upon man effects woman and vice-versa and none of this will be restored outside of Mashiyach. John 16: 13 But when the Spirit of Truth comes, He will guide you in all truth. Your email address will not be published. The thing is, if you look back in history there were cult followings of a She component of YHWH that was joined with Asherah and so I think this is a slippery slope to start calling the Ruach haKodesh "She" because it divides YHWH into He and She elements and I believe this is a step right into paganism. Jael (Ya’el   יָעֵל  ) in Hebrew means ‘mountain goat’ or one that is swift and dwells in high places. 49:1-8 and Is. A place to share the word of the Lord Jesus Christ. 14:16). Hebrew Bible "Holy Spirit" The term "holy spirit" appears three times in the Hebrew Bible: Psalm 51 refers to "Your holy spirit" (ruach kodshecha) and Isaiah refers twice to "His holy spirit" (ruach kodsho).. Psalm 51 contains a triple parallelism between different types of "spirit": . Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, fears grow of another breakout of the Corona Virus unless visitors are stopped from entering the Nation. Your email address will not be published. {God’s great understatement }. As you pray I will hear and take action! In other words, everything from the Ruach haKodesh comes directly from YHWH. Also I want to show the imbalance and abuses of it in Christianity, and the lack of certain emanations in the Messianic movement. You wives and mothers will stand together with your husbands and be strong in Me says the Lord. In other words, everything from the Ruach haKodesh comes directly from YHWH. The Hebrew presents the Ruach in feminine tense, and with female characteristics; but the Greek refers to the Ruach as "He". Deborah was a mighty woman of complete authority who led Israel against King Jabin’s army led by General Sisera. Jael enticed Sisera into her tent and he quickly fell asleep. The Lord delivers the Canaanites, who were attacking Israel, into Barak’s hands and he defeats them in battle, but the enemy General Sisera escapes but is delivered in to the hands of Jael a woman of Godly honour. Case in point: In English we use "the" for everything - i.e., the spoon, the couch, the toilet, the boy, the girl, the dog. Raising a generation of Deborahs – Ruach haKodesh Ministries, Thoughts on relationships in the local Church – Fathers and Mothers. In veruit de meeste gevallen worden ze vertaald met geest, zowel in de NBG’51 als in de NBV. That the Ruach haQodesh is the designated representation of the feminine principle is further supported by the Hebrew word for ruach … The thing is that Y'shua referred to the Spirit as "He" and we don't have any records (that I know of) where he used "She" for the Ruach. Both are spirits. But what kind of an expression? It is time to awaken Children of Wisdom for your Heavenly Father and Mother, the female Ruach Ha-Kodesh/Holy Spirit/Ruh al-Qudus and their Divine Council are not far off. You will speak forth My faith and life bringing healing to those in need. Now following the parallelism of the passage, "Our image"; "Our likeness" and "male and female" appear to be parallel terms. The Truth of the Most High Father and Mother, The Female Ruach Ha-Kodesh/Holy Spirit/Ruh al-Qudus. For instance, in English, we use the word "the" as a definite article. Times and seasons – Moed or Kairos vs Chronos time – Harvest Time ! Or an inanimate object? Fashion a pure heart for me, O God; create in me a steadfast spirit (רוּחַ נָכֹון ‎). With so many men not acknowledging the work of women leading in the Bible, this is one of my favorite stories…I am glad to be in Deborah’s Army. You think you know the Truth, think again! You are called to love like I love you. This name Ya’el also speaks of a woman of faith, integrity, strength, wisdom and who is close to the Lord in worship (high places). Above all know My love is given to you, and you are My dearly beloved. Who today can truly know the rhyme or reason? Thoughts and prayers on Anzac Day 25th April, Feasts of the old covenant fulfilled in Jesus Christ (Yeshua Hamashiach), Wuhan Coronavirus, Wars and Rumours of Wars, Men’s Hearts Failing, The name of the Lord – with a more complete understanding, The Miracle of the Australian 2019 Election, Discovering our Authority in praying for Rain, ©2017-2020 Ruach haKodesh Ministries, all rights reserved. [2] The Spirit is not a substitute for YHWH, the Spirit of YHWH is the Father; however, the Father is ein sof (without end); therefore, our spirits are quickened by His Spirit to the degree that He reveals Himself to us. But it's a difficult subject because if we go to Kabbalah, Zohar or Tanya then we get all sorts of pagan ideas and tales mixed in with truth. male and female He created them. What people think I mean: I want a wife who is passive and subservient. Hunters will tell you it’s hard to catch a mountain goat, for they dwell on impossible high cliffs, are very cunning, quick, and extremely intelligent. For He will not speak from Himself[1] but He will speak everything that He hears. They are symbolic of all satan is about; i.e. Also Is. For the Ruach of Yahweh filleth the world" (Wisdom of Solomon 1:5,7). Let’s look at Jael’s character as defined by her name. However, in languages such as German and Spanish, all nouns are assigned a masculine, feminine, or neutral "gender" which can be seen in the word "the" which leaves a clue as to the "gender" of something (even though most things don't have a gender).

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