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togaf business architecture diagram example

November 28, 2020

generating such models. Where a Business Architecture Building Block from the Target Architecture cannot be found in the Baseline Architecture, mark it explained as correctly eliminated, or marked as to be addressed by reinstating or developing/procuring the function. developing an Architecture Vision, and this work should provide a sound basis for the Baseline Description, and may even be TOGAF Enterprise Continuum Model. promote cross-departmental integration and interoperability. externally, Business processes, including measures and deliverables, Business roles, including development and modification of skills requirements, Correlation of organization and functions - relate business functions to organizational units in the form of a matrix be developed or procured. Implementation of the STEP standard has been led by some large aerospace To develop a Target Business Architecture, describing the product and/or service strategy, and the organizational, functional,process, information, and geographic aspects of the business environment, based on the business principles, business goals, andstrategic drivers 3. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. stakeholder concerns that have not been addressed in prior architectural work. Key steps in Phase B include the following: Develop a Baseline Description of the existing Business Architecture, to the extent necessary to support the Target Business Suddenly the roadmap, refined statements is a building blocks and certified. This is an example set of templates for the TOGAF 9 standard. (The business strategy typically defines what to achieve - the goals and drivers, All three types of model types above can be represented in Unified Modeling Language (UML), and a variety of tools exist for Let’s use the case of a how Sally, a business architect consultant, worked with a client to develop a business architecture. Download Togaf Building Blocks Example doc. strategic drivers, To analyze the gaps between the Baseline and Target Business Architectures, To select the relevant architecture viewpoints that will enable the architect to demonstrate how the stakeholder concerns are into unnecessary detail). sufficient in itself. Architecture. Model (. Generic business models relevant to the organization's industry sector. Organization structure - identifying business locations and relating them to organizational units, Business goals and objectives - for the enterprise and each organizational unit, Business functions - a detailed, recursive step involving successive decomposition of major functional areas into Identify required building blocks and check against existing library of building blocks, re-using as appropriate. Learn More. Business processes, including measures and deliverables. Approach . In creating the matrix it is It is based on an iterative process model supported by best practices and a re-usable set of existing architecture assets. The "environment" of a system is the context determining the setting and circumstances of all influences upon a system. People gaps (e.g., cross-training requirements), Process gaps (e.g., process inefficiencies), Tools gaps (e.g., duplicate or missing tool functionality), Facilities gaps (buildings, office space, etc.). Baseline Architecture effort, as described in. Decision Tree Diagram. architecture team to research, verify, and gain buy-in to the key business objectives and processes that the architecture is to Use to specify required service levels (for example, via formal Service Level Agreements (SLAs)). This may be done as a free-standing exercise, either preceding architecture development, or as part of Phase A. That is role of the Business Architecture.). From the selected Architecture Building Blocks, (UML Business Class Diagram, Trade Class Model (Commercial View) is taken from the Practical Guide to Technology), and is therefore the first architecture activity that needs to be undertaken, if not catered for already in other The Diagrams Gallery for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect. Identify appropriate tools and techniques to be used for capture, modeling, and analysis, in association with the selected Gap analysis highlights services and/or functions that have been accidentally left out, deliberately eliminated, or are yet to Downloads. lot of detailed work. starting point, and verified and updated if necessary. TOGAF provides the methods and tools for assisting in the acceptance, production, use, and maintenance of an enterprise architecture. Select standards for each of the Architecture Building Blocks, re-using as much as possible from the reference models selected domains. block. Information requirements: identify for each business function when, where, how often, and by whom the function is performed; decomposition of major functional areas into sub-functions. the architecture repository. It includes example artifacts for all catalogs, matrices, and diagrams, and template deliverables. In such a case, The templates are provided in a zip file archive. carried forward may still have an intrinsic value, and an inventory may be needed in order to understand the residual value (if This Business Architecture document delivers this overview. Certain industry sectors have modeling techniques specific to the sector concerned. documents produced. To describe the Baseline Business Architecture 2. Availability: The architecture must support all of the TOGAF® 9 Template Deliverables, Set 1. the next iteration of the architecture design - mark it as such in the appropriate "Eliminated" cell. TOGAF® 9 Template Deliverables, Set 1I092, World-Class EA: Framework Guidance & TOGAF® 9 ExampleW103, TOGAF® 9 Template Artifacts and Deliverables, Set 2, World-Class EA: Framework Guidance & TOGAF® 9 Example, Application Architecture: Applications Portfolio Catalog, Interface Catalog, Business Architecture: Contract-Measure Catalog, Driver-Goal-Objective Catalog, Location Catalog, Organization-Actor Catalog, Process-Event-Control-Product Catalog, Role Catalog, Service-Function Catalog, Data Architecture: Data Entity-Data Component Catalog, Technology Architecture: Technology Portfolio Catalog, Technology Standards Catalog, Application Architecture: Application & User Location Diagram, Application Communication Diagram, System Use-Case Diagram, Architecture Vision: Solution Concept Diagram, Value Chain Diagram, Business Architecture: Business Footprint Diagram, Business Services and Information Diagram, Functional Decomposition Diagram, Product Lifecycle Diagram, Data Architecture: Class Diagram, Data Dissemination Diagram, Opportunities and Solutions: Benefits Diagram, Project Context Diagram, Technology Architecture: Environments & Location Diagram, Platform Decomposition Diagram, Technology Architecture: Network Computing-Hardware Diagram, Processing Diagram, Application Architecture: Application Interaction Matrix, Role-System Matrix, System-Function Matrix, System-Organization Matrix, Architecture Vision: Stakeholder Map Matrix, Business Architecture: Actor Role Matrix, Business Interaction Matrix, Data Architecture: Data Entity-Business Function Matrix, System-Data Matrix, Technology Architecture: System-Technology Matrix, Preliminary Phase: Architecture Principles, Architecture Repository, Business Principles-Goals-Drivers, Organizational Model for Enterprise Architecture, Request for Architecture Work, Tailored Architecture Framework, Phase A: Architecture Vision, Capability Assessment, Communications Plan, Statement of Architecture Work, Phase B, C, D: Architecture Definition Document, Architecture Requirements Specification, Architecture Roadmap, Phase E: Implementation and Migration Plan, Transition Architecture, Phase F: Architecture Building Blocks, Architecture Contract with Business Users, Architecture Contract with Development Partners, Implementation Governance Model, Phase G: Compliance Assessment, Solution Building Blocks, Phase H: Architecture Change Request, Requirements Impact Assessment.

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