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university of passau computer science quora

November 28, 2020

Nevertheless, we recommend that you go to the effort of completing one or more voluntary internships as you study towards your degree. Thank you very much for your support! Computer Science is one of the drivers of technological progress in all economic and social spheres. Among the top 20% and youngest universities in Germany, it offers several undergraduate and graduate programs through its 4 faculties of Law, Business, Economics and Information Systems, Arts and Humanities, and Computer science and Mathematics. Since its beginnings, the department has provided lectures for undergraduates and trained research students at postgraduate level. Student satisfaction at the University of Passau is particularly high and our sought-after graduates typically occupy executive posts in business, social, and academic organisations in Germany, Europe, and indeed all over the world. 5) IT Security and Reliability Another reason is that our programmes are very international in their outlook – and with more than 200 international partner universities to choose from, it is difficult not to be tempted to go abroad for a semester or two or even to complete one of our 20 double degree programmes offered in cooperation with our global partner universities. Passau is home to a number of cultural institutions, such as the theatre and the "Scharfrichterhaus" – a restaurant, cinema and political cabaret/stand-up stage where many of Germany’s most popular contemporary comedians started out. The iStudi Coach also coaches international students on German labour market practices, how to write applications, and so on. Speakers of French may study the double degree programme with INSA Lyon, and there is an English-taught double degree option with HSE Moscow, Russia. Further information. Many students share a flat with other students. You will also consolidate your knowledge of various programming paradigms and languages; moreover, you will explore the structure of language processing systems and learn to deal with parallelism in program routines. English at level B2 CEFR (e.g., TOEFL 567 PBT, 87 iBT, ITP starting from 543 "silver"; IELTS 5.5, Cambridge English Language Assessment (CAE or CPE), or an equivalent certificate) plus German skills at level A1 CEFR (i.e., beginner's level). After two fires that destroyed much of the town in the 17th century, the Old Town was rebuilt in the baroque style by Italian master builders, which is why you will notice a distinct Italian flair as you stroll through "Bavarian Venice", another name by which Passau is known. Rather, you are responsible for searching for the internship, negotiating the outline (i.e., the job description) and making all necessary arrangements. There is no formal internship requirement for this degree programme. You are eligible for this degree programme if the following applies to you: Please note that we only recognise degrees awarded by universities with 'H+' status in the Anabin database of the German Central Office for Foreign Education. If you have completed some of your education – e.g., your secondary school or a university degree programme – in German or English, this counts as proof of language proficiency in the relevant language and you do not have to show an additional language certificate for that language. With students accounting for one-quarter of its population, Passau is very much a student town with many galleries, art studios, bars, cafés, clubs and, of course, beer gardens; naturally, there is a modern multiplex cinema. Students from EU member countries do not require a work permit. If you intend to study this programme in German, you should provide proof of one of the following: Do not worry if you do not have basic German skills or cannot provide a certificate, as you will take a free German language beginner's course during the first year of studies in Passau. If one of the following conditions applies to you, then you can apply directly through the applications portal of the University of Passau: You graduated with a degree (e. g. a Bachelor's degree) from a higher education provider in Germany or Austria; You are applying for a place on the LL.M. 4) Intelligent Technical Systems (ITS): This module group teaches you the necessary knowledge in systems theory, machine learning and signal and image processing to explore the theory and practical application of intelligent, self-learning systems. 4) Intelligent Technical Systems (ITS): This module group teaches you the necessary knowledge in systems theory, machine learning and signal and image processing to explore the theory and practical application of intelligent, self-learning systems. Please note that students from non-EU countries must apply for a work permit at the national job centre if they work more than 240 half-days per year. 2) The Programming and Software Systems (ProgSoft) subject area imparts modern methods for constructing large-scale software systems as well as creating and using software authoring, analysis and optimisation tools. Our students' international mobility is very important to us and is supported by a number of exchange and double degree programmes in partnership with universities abroad. Computer Science scored first place for research among Bavarian universities in the CHE research rankings Integrated subject-specific English language training A great student experience on one of Germany's loveliest university campuses Kitchen and bathroom facilities are usually shared, although some rooms have en-suite bathroom facilities. Having completed this programme, you will be able to autonomously and comprehensively define computer science problems and their applications. As this is a joint project among Bavarian universities, students enrolled at the University of Passau have access to the BVU's vast offering of online courses (MOOCs). When you graduate with an MSc in Computer Science, you will be a specialist in at least one field of computer science, and you will have a wide-ranging expertise in scientific methods. This degree should be ranked among the best 70% of your cohort, or with a final result of, or equivalent to, 2.7 (or better) on the German grading scale. You will also learn how to transfer database results to multimedia data. This specialisation presents an answer to the problem of increasing volume and complexity of worldwide information distribution and networks as well as an answer to the growing requirements on quality and performance of computer communication. A shopping centre and the nearby pedestrian zone offer a lot of excellent eateries and shops, just a short five-minute walk from campus. Established in 1978, the University of Passau is located in Passau, Lower Bavaria, Germany. In order to give you a better service our website uses cookies. You will also be able to structure them and build abstract models. This programme can be entirely studied in English, in German, or in a mix of the two, by choosing the relevant modules taught in the respective languages. If cannot provide a certificate but meet all other requirements, you will still be admitted to the programme; however, you will complete a compulsory beginner's German course during the first year of study in addition to your regular modules. Having completed this programme, you will be able to define, autonomously and comprehensively, computer science problems and their applications, structure them and build abstract models. or an equivalent English language certificate. These range from summer courses to a full academic year and cater to learners of all levels. 3) In the module group Information and Communication Systems (InfComm), you will study the interactions of the classic computer-science subjects of information systems and computer networks. German Law for foreign graduates (for details on how to apply, please see this programme's web page) Landlords usually require a two-month or three-month deposit when you move in, which will be returned to you at the end of the rental period, provided you leave your accommodation in good condition. Please note that all documents must be received (not posted) by the deadline! Passau is situated near the Bavarian Forest at the confluence of the Danube, Inn and Ilz rivers, and it is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. Your DAAD Team. The Sports Centre has some 40 sports clubs, including acrobatics, climbing, rowing and yoga. The University of Passau offers a large selection of Master's degree programmes, centred around the core competences in Business and Economics, Law, Cultural Studies and Computer Science. Some are within walking distance to the university, others are more conveniently reached by bike, bus or car, but always in less than thirty minutes. 2) The Programming and Software Systems (ProgSoft) subject area imparts modern methods for constructing large-scale software systems as well as creating and using software authoring, analysis, and optimisation tools. Applicants are required to have a first university degree (e.g., Bachelor's degree) in computer science, Internet computing, or a related discipline with a minimum computer science content of 110 ECTS credits, obtained after completing a three-year full-time undergraduate programme.

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