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yamaha f310 vs fender

November 28, 2020

Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox. Plus the Yamaha has a strap and more extras but the Fender hasnt got a strap! But they'll both be ok straight out of the box, too. The question is does the Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar tick all the right boxes. Click to find the best price for the Yamaha F310. So what do we think of the Yamaha F310? The tone that comes from the guitar is well balanced, bright and responsive. function() { This I think is to be applauded as we are all for the use of sustainable wood in our guitars. Click to find the best price for the Yamaha F310. the Dreadnought design is a style of acoustic guitar designed by C.F. I'd go with the Yamaha on the basis of likely set up, Rosewood back, and probably more included in the pack. In terms of build quality the Yamaha F310 gets a big thumbs up from us. We love the neck of the Yamaha F310. For interest's sake (or maybe not!) These facilities produce ONLY Yamaha guitars, and the staff are all trained BY Yamaha to make Yamaha instruments. (By the way, I have no vested interest in either of these companies, just for the record!). When people think of the 1980s, do they really just think of the second half of that decade (post 1985)? So....the Yamaha has SLIGHTLY better wood (albeit laminated), is PROBABLY made in a slightly better factory, and I'd guess probably has more thrown into the bundle, too. Coz the Fenders a dread. It might be personal taste but I just find it easier to play a neck with a matt finish. It is well built with excellent attention to quality and detail. Oh-and they will have a collection of awesome straps for sale, better than plain black. The build quality of the Yamaha F310 cannot be faulted. 5  +  2  =  .hide-if-no-js { display: none !important; }. There is minimal fret buzz and the action is at a good height which again is a good thing for the beginner guitarist. They're both Spruce tops, which will give a nice bright sound - probably a little tight-sounding due to the laminating...solid Spruce will "open up" over time and give a slightly livelier, more "airy" sound....but again, they're both gonna give you a decent-enough sounding acoustic guitar for the money. The question is can they do the same thing with their acoustic guitars. Fender FA 115 vs Yamaha F310 You can pick any of these guitars as they are an amazing choice for the budget but they are not identical as well and in our opinion, the wood choice for their top is what sets these guitars apart the most as FA 115 is using solid spruce instead of laminated top. Fender own the Squier brand-name, they haven't MADE squiers since about 1988, when the Squier Silver Series was made in the Fender Japan factory, and were essentially the same as Fender MIJ guitars. The top of the guitar is made from a great looking piece of Spruce. I'm buying it from Argos. It plays very well, sounds good and looks good so the Yamaha F310 gets a thumbs up from me. Playing the Yamaha F310 is a pleasure. Get answers by asking now. They are built in factories which make guitars for many different companies, with different badges on, NOT by Fender themselves. Time limit is exhausted. Yamaha has been making musical instruments sense 1887, Fender sense 1946. although Leo pioneered in the electric guitar market he never figured out the acoustic, they were just never any good and couldn't compete with the likes of Martin and Gibson, after the sale to CBS acoustics started being outsourced to Asia, and eventually all acoustics were made there, Mainly China, basically your just buying a name, Yamaha on the other hand is an Asian company, Japan to be more precise and although they also outsource there lower end guitars to China they still use Yamaha designs which are superior to Fenders, Epiphone is owned by Gibson and use Gibson designs which are within the same price range as the Fender and Yamaha, so that could be another avenue to explore, but hands down the Yamaha is a better guitar, Fenders actually suck pretty bad. Martin - designed to have more projection and volume than the old parlour-sized guitars of the day in the 20's and 30's - but the dreadnought is the design everyone now thinks of when you think "acoustic guitar". if ( notice ) Learn how your comment data is processed. The shortened scale length on the neck means that some of the more challenging chords are easier to play. It's not a Fender, in the same way that an Epiphone is not a Gibson. Please reload CAPTCHA. Please help! "Dreadnought" is in this case the same as "full size".

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